Nursery Stock Juniper

April 16, 2010 – Here’s a young juniper (Procubens Nana,) nearly as it was when I selected it from the nursery. I had already started to clear away foliage from the base of the trunk.

I was drawn to the nice flow of the trunk line. Like most, this little guy was previously grown to complement a shrub garden, spending it’s life creeping along the ground.

But I had higher hopes for him …

April 17, 2010 – Here it is after the first hard prune. The pot I selected, given to me by Kumi’s grandmother in Japan, belonged to Kumi’s grandfather and is a true honor to have.

It also helps to highlight nice reddish brown tones in the trunk.

Once potted and pruned, the little tree is just now starting to take on bonsai characteristics … but it still looks more like a garden shrub than a bonsai.

Sept 26, 2010 – The “finished” product – not that a Bonsai is every truly done.

Most of the foliage has been removed, exposing the wonderfully textured trunk, and a few branches have been stripped of their bark, resembling the old weathered branches of an ancient mountain conifer.

The stone is anchored by a hardware fixture I built in the bottom of it, and wired to the hole in bottom the pot.

For the most part, the basic shape and branch configuration will stay the same. It will be fun to watch this little guy fill out and thicken over the next few growing seasons.