Mini Schefflera

While not characteristically a tree, a tree-like appearance can be achieved with Schefflera by simple pruning and minor wiring.

This particular tree was initially planted with a group of seven at Home Depot. I think I maybe paid $7 for the whole pot of them.

This is typically how Schefflera is sold.

They were originally about 8 to 10 inches tall. After repotting them as individuals, I cut them all back to about two inches high, leaving a lower branch on each. Not all pulled through. In fact most died. But the ones that made it were better for it.

As you can here the bottom branch, because it was on the tree when I bought it, is both longer and thicker than the remaining branches at the top. They are all new growth that sprouted soon after cutting the trunk back.

It all comes together to suggest a stout and solitary old tree in a meadow.

Schefflera is among the cheapest, most forgiving and easiest-to-find species to work with for indoor bonsai, which in my opinion makes it an ideal starter species for a beginner, or an alternative and fun species for even the most experienced.